22.3.2021: Matthias Eggel will join my team as a postdoc on April 1st! Welcome, Matthias!

21.3.2021: FORBES discusses in the essay Tackling Racial Discrimination: Can Unconscious Bias Training Create Real Change? the article Interventions designed to reduce implicit prejudices and implicit stereotypes in real world contexts: a systematic review I co-wrote with Chloë Fitzgerald, Delphine Berner and Samia Hurst.

16.3.2021: Die Kommission für Tierversuchsethik KTVE, bei welcher ich Mitglied bin, publiziert die Stellungnahme: Umgang mit Versuchstieren während der Covid-19 Pandemie.

2.2.2021: The article Preventing Zoonotic Emerging Disease Outbreaks: The Need to Complement One Health with Ethical Considerations I co-authored with Salome Dürr was just published in the Journal of Applied Animal Ethics Research.

1.12.2021: The special issue of Bioethica Forum I co-edited with Minerva Rivas Velarde on Disability and Ethics was just published in paper. The whole issue will be soon available as open access.

3.9.2020: PhD student Emnée van den Brandeler has just joined my team.

Mira Reyes is visiting my group during September 2020 to discuss chapters of her PhD thesis.

Welcome to both of them!

30.4.2020: Starting June 2020, I will join the editorial board of The Journal of Ethics as associate editor. I will be responsible for submissions in animal ethics. I am looking forward to this new task!