9/2022 — Monte Verità, Switzerland: TBA. Conference Utopia Animalia”, Congressi Stefano Franscini of ETH Zürich (postponed from 2020 to 2022 due to COVID-19 outbreak)

3/2018 — Dublin, Ireland: A Conceptual Analysis of Vulnerability and Sentience and their Moral Implications”. University College Dublin, Conference on Vulnerability, Sentience and Recognition


12/2020 — Berne, Switzerland: Animal Vulnerability and its Ethical Implications.” Animal Ethics Seminar at the Philosophy Department of the University of Berne [online]

10/2020 — Sydney, Australia: On Respecting Animals” Animal Rights in Sydney Research Group (ARiS), Sydney University [online]

9/2020 — Castasegna, Switzerland: Affirmative Action for Animals — What Justice Demands? Annual workshop of the research group in theoretical philosophy at Basel University

8/2020 — Boulder, USA: Comment on Derek Halm’s (Cat)egory Mistake: The Invalidity and Ethical Consequences of Feline Behavior Assessments’” 67th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals [online because of the Covid-19 pandemic]

2/2020 — Barcelona, Spain: Affirmative Action for Animals — What Justice Demands?” Centre for Animal Ethics, University Pompeu Fabra

12/2019 — Berne, Switzerland: The Ethics of Animal Research”. Workshop The Emotional and Ethical challenges of Animal Experimentation’. Institute of Parasitology, Vetsuisse Faculty, University Berne.

11/2019 — Zürich, Switzerland: Current Questions and Debates in Animal Ethics.” Long philosophy night, University of Zürich

9/2019 — Castasegna, Switzerland: Necessary Research Requirements for Ethical Animal Research.” Annual meeting of the research group in theoretical philosophy at Basel University

6/2019 — Lausanne, Switzerland: Some Challenges for Lippert-Rasmussen’s Definition of Discrimination”. Workshop on discrimination and affirmative action with Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

3/2019 — Montréal, Canada: Decision-making under non-ideal circumstances: Avoiding Pitfalls and Injustices.” Présentation for the SSHRC-funded project Ethical challenges for animal welfare organizations”

2/2019 — Geneva, Switzerland: L’éthique animale — Enjeux actuels”. PhilEAs, philosophy students’ organization at Geneva University

2/2019 — Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium: Animal Vulnerability, Sentience, and their Moral Implications.” Philosophy of Science Colloquium

11/2018 — Bern, Switzerland: On What We Owe to Animals.” Swiss Society for Women in Philosophy Annual Networking Conference

11/2018 — Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Some Challenges for Political Theories of Animal Rights. Philosophy Department Colloquium

10/2018 — Bern, Switzerland: Ideal Research Requirements in Animal Research.” Weekly colloquium in Ethics and Political Philosophy, University of Bern

1/2018 — Mexico City, Mexico: Panelist in the Session Helping Wild Animals” at Minding Animals

12/2017 — Neuchâtel, Switzerland: Participant at a Roundtable on implicit bias in academia, organized by the students’ organization PHINK! of Neuchâtel University

11/2017 — Rouen, France: Vulnérabilité humaine et animale: Une analyse du paysage conceptuel et des implications éthiques”. Conference on Animalité et Vulnérabilité’, University of Rouen

10/2017 — Lausanne, Switzerland: Au-délà de la considération égale: la discrimination positive pour les animaux?” Research Group on Tolerance and Discrimination, University of Lausanne

9/2017 — Geneva, Switzerland: Au-délà de la considération égale: la discrimination positive pour les animaux?” Conference on Le Spécisme en Question’

5/2017 — Montréal, Canada: Commentary on Baird Callicotts Work from an Animal Ethics Point of View”. Conference on Convergence and Divergence in Animal and Environmental Ethics

12/2016 — Fribourg, Switzerland: Affirmative Action for Animals: What Justice Demands?” Student association for Philosophy, University of Fribourg

12/2016 — Geneva, Switzerland: Imposing Veganism on Children: Right, Duty, or Prohibition?” University of Geneva Effective Altruism Students Group

11/2016 — Basel, Switzerland: Challenges for Women in Philosophy in Switzerland — The view of young female Postdoctoral Researchers”. Input talk at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Women in Philosophy Germany

5/2016 — Montréal, Canada: Commentator on Daniel Groll’s paper The disagreements that drive paternalism”, Conference Faces of Disagreement”

4/2016 — Toronto, Canada: Disability — An Essentially Contested Concept?” Annual Meeting of the CRE and Toronto University Philosophy Department

3/2016 — Montréal, Canada: Division et aménagement du territoire: nos devoirs envers les animaux”; Roundtable on Animal Ethics and Territory Distribution — An interdisciplinary View; Center for Research in Ethics [with Valéry Giroux]

3/2016 — Montréal, Canada: Considering and Weighing the Interests of Nonhuman Animals in Democratic Institutions”; Colloquium organized by Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University) on Political Animals: Agency, Participation and Representation” Joint Event of the Center of Research in Ethics CRE and Queen’s University

2/2016 — Montréal, Canada: Positive Duties of Assistance towards Animals — A Framework”, Centre de Recherche en Éthique

1/2016 — Montréal, Canada: Respecting Animals — Is Ridiculisation of Animals Morally Wrong?”, Animal Ethics and Environmental Ethics Research Group Montréal

11/2015 — Kingston, Canada: Animals as Vulnerable Research Subjects — A Case against Animal Experimentation?” — Queen’s University Animal Ethics Research Group

11/2015 — Kingston, Canada: Affirmative Action for Animals — What Justice Demands?” Philosophy Department’s Colloquium Series

5/2015 — Münster, Germany: Research Animals as Vulnerable Research Subjects? A Philosophical Investigation”; Institute for Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine

11/2014 — Münster, Germany: „A Challenge for Priority Setting: Comparing Competing Interests between Humans and Animals“. Center for Advanced Studies in Bioethics

12/2013 — Geneva, Switzerland: Les animaux sont-ils des sujets de recherche vulnérables?” [Are animals vulnerable research subjects?] Geneva University Hospital HUG

5/2013 — Geneva, Switzerland: Peut-on faire du tort aux animaux sans leur nuire?” [Can we wrong animals without harming them?] Philosophical Association of Geneva

5/2013 — Zurich, Switzerland: Alternativen zur Suizidbeihilfe, Patientenautonomie und Medizinischer Ethos” [Alternatives to Assisted Suicide, Patient Autonomy and Medical Ethos]. Center for Ethics, University of Zurich

7/2013 — Sydney, Australia: Animal Vulnerability — Definition, Application, and Moral Implications”. CAVE Animals and Vulnerability Symposium and Workshop, Macquarie University

3/2011 — Geneva, Switzerland: Vulnerability in Bioethics — A Conceptual Analysis”. Geneva Research Group on Emotions, Swiss Center for Affective Science


10/2020 — Vienna, Austria: Principles for Resolving Human-Animal-Environmental Conflicts” Vienna Anthropology Days 2020 [online]

9/2019 — Manchester, England: Weighing Duties towards Humans and Animals”. MANCEPT Workshop in political theory

1/2018 — Mexico City, Mexico: Distributing the Resources of a Society — the Claims of Animals“. International Conference Minding Animals, National Autonomous University of Mexico

3/2017 — Fribourg, Switzerland: When Rights Clash, or: Fair Resource Allocation between Humans and Animals” Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium, Institute for Ethics and Human Rights

11/2016 — Bigorio, Switzerland: Defining Disability — Some Theoretical Considerations.” Autumn Seminar of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics

6/2016 — Edmonton, Canada: Affirmative Action for Animals?” University of Alberta, Conference on Critical Animal Studies

10/2015 — Salzburg, Austria: Disability as Essentially Contested Concept” [in German]; 3rd Conference for Applied Philosophy

7/2015 — Edinburgh, UK: Expanding the Moral Circle to Animals — A Challenge for Priority Setting” Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference

6/2015 — Montréal, Canada: Taking Animals Seriously — A Challenge for Anti-Speciesist Priority-Setting”; Francophone Society for Analytic Philosophy– SOPHA

4/2015 — Birmingham, UK: Affirmative Action for Animals — What Justice Demands?” Ethics and/or Politics: Approaching the Issues Concerning Nonhuman Animals Conference

10/2014 — San Diego, USA: Severely Cognitively Impaired Human Beings and Animals as Vulnerable Research Subjects: Same, Same but Different?” 16th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

7/2013 — Brisbane, Australia: Wronging Animals without Harming Them? A Philosophical Investigation” Australasian Association of Philosophy Annual Conference

7/2013 — Zurich, Switzerland: Mind the Vulnerable Research Subject — A Case against Animal Experimentation?” Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference

7/2013 — Zurich, Switzerland: Vulnerability in Health Care — Resolving the Conflict” (1st author; together with N. Tavaglione and S.A. Hurst) Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference

7/2013 — Zurich, Switzerland: Identifying the Most Vulnerable Patients” (2nd author). Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference

11/2012 — Bigorio, Switzerland: Mind the Vulnerable Research Subject — A Case against Animal Experimentation?”; Autumn Seminar of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics

7/2012 — Utrecht, the Netherlands: The Vulnerability of Animals and its Implications for Morality”; Minding Animals Conference, Poster Presentation

5/2012 — Paris, France: Some Thoughts on Vulnerability in Health Care” Francophone Society for Analytic Philosophy– SOPHA

4/2012 — Zurich, Switzerland: Defining Vulnerability — Methodological Challenges”. Swiss National Science Foundation Workshop on Methods in Philosophy

2/2012 — Lucerne, Switzerland: Defining Vulnerability” Philosophy Graduate School

10/2011 — Minneapolis, USA: Defining Vulnerable Persons in Health Care”. 13ème Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

10/2010 — Curzùtt, Switzerland: The Importance of Vulnerability in Bioethics”. Autumn Seminar of the Swiss Society for Biomedical Ethics